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Coffee drop shipping – Coffee so Worth It, Everybody Wants More

What is drop shipping?

It is a type of supply chain management technique wherein the retailer will facilitate sales in behalf of the wholesaler. Rather than doing the lengthy sales process of purchasing and storing items, listing them up for sale, and then shipping them to customers when the purchase is done, the procedure is shortened as the seller will simply jot down the products in question that is offered by the dropshipper for sale.

Once an item is sold, the funds from the purchase will be collected and an order from the dropshipper will be placed at a wholesale rate. The real margin value of the sold product will be kept by the dealer as profit. The company will then ship the item directly to the retailer’s customer.

Dropshipping entails numerous benefits to both retailer and their customers. People who register to become dropshippers can be seen to be quite satisfied with their decision. Dropshipping can grant numerous, wonderful possibilities that provides a brighter business future.

Interested in becoming our dropshipping associate? Feel free to contact us if you have any inquiries or read on to know more about what you can get with this great opportunity.


Why Use Drop Shipping Methods for Wild Kopi Luwak coffee?

First of all, wild Kopi Luwak coffee is an extremely luxurious rich-flavored drink that many will not think twice about paying the price that it brings. The beans are manufactured in select areas in the globe such as Indonesia, Vietnam, and in the Philippines. Hard-working, free-roaming civets are able to produce the Kopi Luwak beans being sought out by many. Today, you can join the quest for bringing this amazing product to the rest of the world.

Wild Kopi Luwak coffee has a distinct but encouragingly relaxing aroma and taste which many coffee lovers long for. It is with this idea that bringing this coffee-brew to avid fanatics will be both an enjoyable and profitable experience.

So why take on a wholesale retailer position for Kopi Luwak Coffee? Read on and know the benefits of becoming a drop shipping partner with us.


No more hassles of shipping the product to each of your customers

You, as a wholesale retailer, will no longer have to buy all the packaging materials and labels, or even require yourself to have an account in a courier service. We, as a great provider of the coffee, will handle every part of the proceedings for you. All you need to do is to confirm that the sale is good to go.


No hassle of keeping a large inventory

Are you doing your operations in an establishment with a challenging storage space? You no longer have to worry about keeping large quantities with wholesale items as you would not need any! Well, unless you want to purchase a batch for yourself but that would be a different story.


When you become our drop shipping partner, we will give you the convenience of not having to let you go through the irritating and very costly process of purchasing an inventory space. You will no longer have to manage your own stock as we will take all of the necessary operations off of your hands. If it did not sell, then you do not have to place an order. Simple as that. However, as our affiliate in this business, you can benefit from the fact that there are many who are seeking this great coffee-beverage. As such, you need only to concentrate your efforts in getting the word out about your business and fans will come flocking to you.


It is of low risk

When using a traditional retail model, each purchase you make can be a potential risk. Each product that you purchase in wholesale and keep in storage may or may not see the light of day. There are several important factors to consider like market timing and competition. With drop shipping, there is very low risk involved in the sales process. Once again, if the item did not sell (by some unknown reason) then you do not have to place an order to buy it. Hence, you can become a wholesale merchant without investing a larger amount of money. If you want to start a business with us and test your local market then always know that there is very little risk involved.


The seller keeps the difference as profit

We handle inventory management of your wholesale stocks and let you keep the margin from the sale as profit. Erase the need to purchase extra boxes, or packaging tapes, or bubble wraps, and other supplies needed for distribution with drop shipping. What could be better than that?


Focus on marketing

Instead of wasting your time taking care of all the hustle and bustle of handling deliveries, you can focus your efforts on methods to get the word out about this rich flavored and aromatic coffee. This is the magic of drop shipping; focus your time on revenue producing activities like marketing, advertising and market research. You no longer have to worry about deliveries and packaging, or inventory management.


Save time and resources

We, as a supplier of this majestic coffee, will provide all the information necessary for you to start your retailing business. We will also supply the necessary information for your posters and flyers to help spread the word across your area about this grand beverage. Our dropshipping assistance will let your business reach that extra mile.


Wallet-friendly cost, high revenue

With the low cost of becoming wholesalers with us, and with the added benefit of us being dropshippers, you can get more out of each sale. Couple these with the great price that the product brings and you can see your business grow quickly.


Create your online presence, your way

As our wholesalers, you will have freedom in doing your own marketing and advertising so you can create an online presence about your business the way you want. Gain the complete advantage of business flexibility when becoming our drop shipping team member.

Explore the wondrous world of retailing this special coffee. Become our drop shipping partner with us today and you can start marketing and advertising about this coffee-brew as soon as possible; and, of course, reap the benefits more quickly in return.


Everybody is a Winner

Want to bring the best from your Kopi Luwak coffee retailing business? Our drop shipping assistance can greatly be of help to you.

Drop shipping with a trusted manufacturer and supplier gives you the best advantages you can get. Our assistance can bring you great advantages when you start bringing the coffee-brew to your area. This include maintaining your business without the extra cost and tiresome effort. What you get is complete satisfaction and great revenue.

Furthermore, it is not only you who can get major advantages by starting your very own retailing business and letting us be your drop shipping partner but also your clients can also avail of numerous benefits as well. After all, you are giving them the product they want. In the end, your patrons are satisfied because they have received such a wondrous delicacy through your business, and you’re pleased to see that you are doing a good service by providing these goods.

Contact us today to start building your business in retailing Kopi Luwak coffee. Please send us an email to with info about our target market and your marketing method to become a member of our team of dropshippers.