Weasel Coffee - Coffee Connoisseurs Guide to Kopi Luwak

What is Weasel Coffee?

Weasel Coffee is an alternative name for Civet Coffee (better known as Kopi Luwak).

In some countries, the Asian Palm Civet, which is processing the coffee, is known as a “Weasel”, that’s why they often call the coffee “Weasel Poop Coffee”.

The History of Weasel Coffee

In the early 18th century, the Dutch brought coffee plants to their colonial countries, including Indonesia and the Sumatran islands of Indonesia. At that time, Indonesia’s coffee industry was completely controlled by by the Dutch. The farmers and coffee plantation workers were not allowed to harvest seeds for personal use as the coffee was valuable and it would have been considered stealing.

Later, the workers observed a type of local civet, namely the Palm Civet (which looks similar to a cat), eating fresh coffee berries and then releasing feces that still contained coffee beans, since they are not digestible. The local farmers collected the Weasel droppings and carefully cleaned the beans through a lot of meticulous processing stages. They then roasted the coffee and brewed it for themselves to consume.  They found that this produced a special flavored coffee, which the locals were able to enjoy for free.

It is interesting that it was the poor people, who couldn’t afford to buy high-quality coffee beans from the market, who discovered this special delicacy; one that is now well known for being one of the most exclusive coffees around the world.

When the coffee beans are passing through the stomachs of the weasels, the coffee is fermented by proteolytic enzymes. These help break down the proteins found in coffee beans. The process removes the acidity bitterness from the beans and creates a unique aroma of Nuts and Chocolate, and an incredibly smooth tasting coffee.

Coffee beans are fermented with a special enzyme with a role in the digestive system of the weasels; this makes the exquisite flavor of these beans so difficult to describe to people who have never tried it.

That is how the unique flavours of Weasel Coffee are naturally made. Because of this process, a slightly sweet yet special taste remains in the coffee beans. This brings coffee drinkers much excitement and refreshment when drinking this type of coffee.

Once the Europeans came to Indonesia and discovered that the locals drinking this special coffee, they also quickly became crazy for it. Although, Indonesia is considered the origin of this world famous coffee, it naturally developed in similar ways throughout the coffee plantations and forests of the region.

Characteristics of Weasels

The weasel is a small mammal that lives scatteredly in Southeast Asian countries such as Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, and in parts of southern China.

These weasels are correctly known as Asian Palm Civets. To read more about this species, please visit this page.

They are omnivores, which means they can eat anything. Most of the time, they eat seeds, small insects, pulpy fruits and berries.

Their favorite food is ripe coffee berries. They may often be seen climbing up coffee trees or foraging the forest floor and choosing the reddest, ripest fruits available. They also enjoy eating other pulpy fruits that also have sweet and delicious fruit flesh.

Weasel Coffee in Vietnam

Weasel Coffee is a common name for Kopi Luwak in some countries. This term is used regularly, especially in Vietnam. Weasel coffee is considered to be a unique gift not only for Indonesia but also for a few other coffee growing countries in the world, such as Vietnam and the Philippines.

In Vietnamese, the Asian Palm Civet is called “Chon”, which translates to “Weasel”. This is why the coffee is referred to as Weasel Coffee or Caphe Chon.

In Vietnam, coffee is largely grown in the central Highlands areas of Da Lat and Dak Lak (Buon Ma Thuot). It is only in these regions, that have a milder climate than the rest of the country, where it’s possible to grow coffee that is good in quality. This region is considered the capital of coffee in Vietnam.

Unknown to many people, Vietnam is actually the second biggest coffee producer in the world, after Brazil. However, in this region, they have traditionally grown low-quality Robusta Coffee for use in instant coffees. Fortunately in the last few years more and more farms and plantations have been free to grow higher quality coffee beans [LINK], and there has been a large increase in the number of fine arabica plantations created in the area in the past few years.

These arabica plantations grow numerous different varietals, especially Bourbon and a barely know cultivar called “Catimor”: This is a cross between Arabica and Robusta, and carries characteristics from both beans; namely being smaller and more hardy, yet still producing a high quality taste when grown at low altitudes.

Weasels are found locally in the highlands of Vietnam, where they are naturally found roaming around in the forests.

Those animals are known to produce Weasel Poop Coffee but only in small quantities. This has led to some unscrupulous locals trying to capitalize on the presence of weasels in the area and producing and selling fake “Coffee Chon” for a very cheap price in the big markets around the country – mainly targeting tourists. The coffee they sell in the markets is roasted with added chemicals, and is therefore fake, has never seen weasel poop, and is not of a desirable taste.

As in any other country producing this type of coffee, true Kopi Luwak style coffee is produced by collecting the droppings of the animal. Because of this uncommon way to produce it, it is also referred to as weasel shit coffee in Vietnam.

Unfortunately, in some countries where the Weasel population is quite low )or not found near the coffee plantations) it is quite common to have Weasels locked in cages and then only feeding them on coffee to reduce the Weasel Coffee Price of production. We consider this to be a cruel way to increase output and make money. We at Kopi Luwak Direct only source ethically produced coffee and this means that we have sadly still not been able to find an ethical partner for Wild Weasel Coffee sourced from  Vietnam.

Natural Production Processes

This type of coffee is not really harmful or unhygienic as the process is self-contained and oriented towards nature.

Wild Weasel Coffee is collected from forests in Southeast Asia. After the coffee is collected, the coffee beans are cleaned and processed. The weasel coffee is first de-hulled, removing any remaining fruit flesh, and then sun-dried until the weasel coffee beans reach the correct density. They are then roasted (a process that removes all remaining bacteria).

Weasel Coffee - Collecting Civet Coffee

Collecting Wild Weasel Coffee from the Forest Floor

After roasting the coffee, we pack and ship out orders as soon as possible. We usually only ship whole weasel coffee beans.

How to Enjoy Weasel Coffee?

Sugar, milk, or cream are not recommended to add to Kopi Luwak as these spoil the unique flavor of this coffee. When enjoying wild Weasel Coffee, you will experience complex aromas of sweetness, nuttiness, and depth in flavor; without any bitterness.

Where to Find and Experience this Legendary Coffee?

Order from Kopi Luwak Direct today and make your own cup of weasel coffee with its unique sweet, smooth, and pleasant taste.

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