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Kopi Luwak Coffee is- without question- the rarest and most exclusive Coffee on the market.

Because of the price and the expensive processing, the Coffee is often faked. In this article you’ll find out how to identify Real Kopi Luwak Coffee.


Not the one-of-a-kind flavor is faked, the most common way to frame the customer is to simply take a cheaper Coffee type, write Kopi Luwak on it and sell it as Kopi Luwak Coffee.

It might be possible to trick the customer into buying the low-quality coffee and pay the price for real Kopi Luwak Coffee, but everybody who gets tricked like that will probably think about ordering Kopi Luwak Coffee again at least twice.

Also very common is, that the Sellers add a little amount of Kopi Luwak Coffee to a different kind of Coffee. Usually, they add about 5-20% of the total weight, but the prices for those Coffee packages are relatively high if you compare the total weight of the pure Kopi Luwak.

Another reason, why this mixed Coffee roastings aren’t very good, is that the perfect taste of the Civet Coffee, another name for Kopi Luwak Coffee, is covered by the taste of the cheap and not so good Coffee.

If there are only 5-20% of Kopi Luwak Coffee in the roasting, the smoothness and the non-bitterness are nearly completely lost. Maybe those types of Coffee are less bitter and smoother than normal Coffee roastings- but the difference to real, pure, Kopi Luwak Coffee is overwhelming.

In the past, there were no tests available to prove if it is really the unique Kopi Luwak Coffee.

However, this changed a short time ago.


According to a study published on July 27 2013, scientists found a way to prove the realness of Civet Coffee.

Scientists have developed a way to authenticate civet coffee, according to a study recently published in the American Chemical Society’s ( )


These scientists have found a metabolic fingerprint that makes it possible to verify the realness of civet coffee using metabolomics technology.

This chemical fingerprint shows higher levels of specific inositol and pyroglutamic acid as well as citric and malic acids.


It might be possible that the test gets commercially used in the future, but technical improvements will be needed first.



However, in the meanwhile, the best way to make sure you buy real Kopi Luwak Coffee is to order from a trusted supplier.

The best way to find out, if they are really selling the original Coffee, is to check out pictures of their farms and the processed coffee beans.


In the end, after you received the coffee, you will find the big difference between normal Coffee, normal Coffee with some added Kopi Luwak Beans and pure Kopi Luwak Coffee.


Because of the unique processing, the bitterness of the beans is removed and the proteins are broken down by the enzymes in the Asian Palm Civet, which results in a smooth coffee with a unique taste, no other Coffee can provide. This taste is loved by many Gourmets worldwide.

The original Kopi Luwak Coffee has a strong taste, but it doesn’t burn your throat, when you drink it.

To get real Kopi Luwak Coffee, the best method is, to order it at a supplier, which can guarantee for the unique processing, like we do.


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