Kopi Luwak Taste

Kopi Luwak Coffee is the rarest and most special Coffee available, so only a couple of people were able to taste it yet. We want to explain how this Coffee really tastes, so everybody can decide if it is worth a try to give the Kopi Luwak Taste a chance.


Since the raw coffee beans are processed by the Asian Palm Civet, a Cat-like creature living in the jungle, it seems like the Coffee is disgusting- at least the production.
But the Coffee beans are carefully washed. If there are any bacteria left on the Coffee beans, they get eliminated with the roasting. If there would be any bacteria left after the roasting, the brewing would remove the rest.

The one-of-a-kind taste of Kopi Luwak Coffee develops during the unique processing. The proteolytic enzymes in the Asian Palm Civet break down the outer layer of the Coffee beans. This Layer contains the bitter parts in the beans, so the bitterness is removed during that process. Also, proteolytic enzymes in the Civets change the structure of the beans.

Kopi Luwak Coffee beans are roasted by us to a medium profile (about 220 °C/ 428 °F), to provide a good body and an intense aroma.

All these factors influence the result.
And the outcome, if those factors are combined properly, is the perfect Kopi Luwak Taste.

The taste is often described as smooth, and not bitter with a complex aroma.
Other Coffee types are often very bitter, that’s why many people add sugar or milk to the Coffee. As a result, the bitterness of the Coffee beans is covered.
With Coffee, processed by the wild living Asian Palm Civet, there is no need to add unhealthy additions like sugar, to get the best taste of your Coffee.

Many people describe the taste of Kopi Luwak Coffee as nutty and as rich and delicious.
There are some hints of caramel and chocolate in a brew of Kopi Luwak Coffee.

When we first tasted Kopi Luwak Coffee, we were very surprised about the high quality of the taste. Our staff couldn’t get enough of our Coffee, since the removed bitterness made it unique, and the aroma is one-of-a-kind.
That’s why we make sure to have the Kopi Luwak Coffee with the best available quality- so everybody can enjoy the original Kopi Luwak Taste of a perfectly brewed cup of Coffee.

To purchase our Kopi Luwak from wild living animals, please click here to proceed with your order.

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