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How do you prefer your coffee? With a darker or a lighter roasting?

The darker the roasting, the less is the Quality. The result of dark roasting is, that the coffee beans lose their unique character.
The lighter a roasting, the more the unique character of the coffee beans flavor shines through. That’s why it is more common to roast high quality coffee light or medium.
Dark roasting covers up the unwanted tastes of coffee beans, but with high temperature roasting methods, the delicious flavors of the coffee beans get covered too.
With very dark roasted coffee beans, it is hard to tell a difference between high quality and low quality coffee beans, because most of the acids are removed from the coffee.
That’s a reason why many coffee producers roast their coffee very dark. They want to cover the natural flavor of the coffee beans.

We always provide light or medium roasted coffee beans.
In our opinion our coffee has the best taste possible, so there is no need to cover the natural essences.

What do you prefer?

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