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Kopi Luwak, Civet Coffee, Coffee Alamid and Weasel coffee are different names for the same product. The name varies with the origin of the coffee. We call our coffee “Kopi Luwak”, since this is its most popular name.

All our Kopi Luwak Coffee is produced in the highlands of the Philippines.

We work in partnership with the B’laan hill tribe to produce our unique premium coffee. As an ethical company we recognise that the collection and processing of the coffee beans involves a great deal of hard work and effort, and accordingly we pay wages far in excess of ‘fair trade’ standards.

The lush forest habit surrounding the B’laan tribe’s home houses a large natural population of Asian Palm Civets. There are believed to be in excess of 2800 wild civets living free in this area and we do not interfere with their lifestyle in any way. All our coffee is produced by these wild civets in their natural environment.

Since they are free ranging, the wild civets eat whatever they want. They choose to eat the ripest and juiciest best coffee berries, because they are sweet and taste delicious. They supplement their diet with the rich forest vegetation, bringing additional depth to the flavour of our coffee. The enzymes involved in the digestion of the coffee fruit remove all traces of bitterness, creating the smoothness for which our coffee is so highly prized.

Our product is 100% natural and organic. Coffee plants grow best in mineral-rich sandy soil, so they thrive in the volcanic sand of the mountain where ours grow. We never use fertilizer or other chemicals to protect or stimulate growth in our plants. Although coffee plants only fruit annually, the civets in the forest continue to find uneaten ripe coffee cherries throughout the year, allowing us to produce our exclusive Kopi Luwak all year round.


How we make our coffee

Members of the B’laan tribe leave their houses early each morning, to search the forest and collect the droppings of the wild civets.

They dry the beans and then remove the outer layer, so that only the clean coffee beans remain.

After cleaning and the drying, the coffee is sorted by hand. Only the very finest coffee beans are chosen.

Then the product is roasted and prepared for shipping.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. You can reach us by email at support@kopiluwakdirect.com or call us on +1 503 616 3155 (USA)

At kopiluwakdirect.com we really value our customers. Our mission is to make the best possible coffee available for everybody and to surpass expectations by delivering the freshest, highest-quality product possible.

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