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Meaning of “The Royal Coffee Maker”

The Royal Coffee Maker is a Coffee Server which was used in the movie The Bucket List.

Its elegant appearance has made it very popular in fine houses and Restaurants in Europe.

It is also sometimes called “The Royal Demitasse”

It is a Weighted Syphon, which is also known as a “Vacuum coffee maker”; this is due to the vacuum that develops in the brewing chamber once the water is heated.


 Royal Coffee Maker

The Royal Coffee Maker. Picture by courtesy of Miles Ornelas

The experience of brewing coffee with the Royal Coffee Maker represents a combination of art and tradition dating back almost two centuries. When events go beyond a cup of everyday coffee, and we need an interesting and unique experience that keeps the coffee fresh, hot, and intense – this is why the Royal Coffee Maker was created; filling in the gap from a normal taste to peak coffee experience.

The Royal Coffee Maker is a Syphon made from the highest quality materials. There are many options for the base plate: ranging from wood to Black Obsidian and other high-quality stones.

Principles of operating The Royal Coffee Maker

Even before Espresso existed, Siphons were used as a method of extracting coffee by pressure (in which coffee is being brewed through the ‘art of crafting’). Each coffee server is handcrafted by Master Sculptor Jean Luc Rieutort, and takes more than 50 hours of craftsmanship to finish.

Most coffee brewing methods use pressure. Siphon, Espresso, or Moka are categorised in this group. The following video reveals how the Royal Coffee Maker works in full detail:

The Royal Coffee Maker has two glass pots and brews coffee by the two processes outlined below:

After water is boiled in bottle one the pressure in that bottle rises. Once it exceeds the atmospheric pressure threshold, steam pressure pushes the water up to into the second flask, which contains the coffee.

When the pressure generated by steam in flask one is equal to the atmospheric pressure from flask two,  a vacuum state (pressure balance) occurs. This is how the name “Vacuum coffee maker” appeared – making coffee by vacuum pressure.

The steam in tank one and the outputted pressure decreases when the heat source is removed. This allows coffee extract in the second bottle to follow the pipe running down into the first bottle (after being brewed and filtered).

Preparation tools for using “The Royal Coffee Maker” Syphon

  • Flask
  • Filter
  • Stirrer
  • Heating Stove
  • High-quality Coffee, preferably Kopi Luwak
  • High-quality water

How to Make Syphon Coffee?

  1. Soak the coffee filter in boiling water for 3-5 minutes, then place neatly in the funnel.
  2. Gently pour water into the bottom sphere container. The amount of water is determined upon the volume of the bottle and the amount of coffee you want to use.
  3. Grind pure coffee, and pour coffee into the funnel. The grind size of the coffee powder should be slightly smooth.
  4. Carefully insert the funnel into the spherical container. Next, place the stove on the bottom or use a heat stove.
  5. Place a small fire under the spherical container to boil the water. The boiling water will evaporate, creating high pressure in the heated chamber. This will push the water up the pipe and into another chamber (where the coffee is added).
  6. When the water evaporates, continue to keep the stove in that state for 10 seconds.  Use a stirrer, and stir constantly to blend the coffee into the water. Following this, turn off the stove, and wait for the coffee to flow back into the pitcher to complete the procedure. Once the heat source is removed, the vaporized water will revert back into water, and thus create a vacuum through which the coffee is sucked back into the first brewing chamber.
  7. The process of brewing is complete once the coffee has flowed down to the bridge.

Now you are ready to serve a delicious cup of coffee. Ideally, you brewed your coffee using Wild Kopi Luwak beans from our website. This will allow you to relive the Bucket List Coffee experience, just as seen in the video on our page about the movie The Bucket List.

If you’d like to have more coffee brewing instructions, please visit our Brewing Guides Page.

If you’d like to purchase Wild Kopi Luwak, the ideal coffee for this exclusive coffee maker, please click here.

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