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Kopi Luwak, Civet Coffee, Coffee Alamid and Weasel coffee are different names for the same product. Only the name is different, depending on the origin of the coffee. We refer to the coffee as “Kopi Luwak”, since it’s the best known name for it.

All our Kopi Luwak Coffee is produced in the highlands of the Philippines.

We work together with a hill tribe to produce this unique coffee. We pay them fair wages. It’s hard work and a lot of effort to collect the coffee. We pay way more than “fair trade” standard, since we believe in giving them the opportunity to develop and have better lives with our help. In the forest near to where they live, there is a high population of Asian Palm Civets. The last time they were counted, there were 2847 Civets living in this area. That being said, we only produce organic, wild civet coffee. We don’t use fertilizer or similar chemicals to protect the plants. Our product is 100% natural and processed by free living Luwaks. Although coffee season is only once a year, the civets in the forest find ripe coffee cherries during the whole year and eat them, so it’s possible to produce the coffee during the whole year. Coffee plants grow best in sandy soil, and the soil on the mountain where our coffee grows has a high percentage of sand.

Some members of the tribe leave their houses in the early morning, to collect the droppings of those little animals.

Since they are free living, they can eat whatever they want. They choose to eat the ripest & best coffee berries, because they are sweet and taste delicious. Because of that and the combination with the rest of the diet and the enzymes which break down the protein in the coffee beans and remove the bitterness, the result is great coffee with superior quality.

Our product is produced and processed in the Philippines. After picking up the droppings, the outer layer of the coffee beans gets removed, and only the clean beans remain.



Afterwards the coffee is sorted by hand, to only choose the best of the best coffee beans:


And afterwards we roast it:


Usually we offer a medium roasting, since it especially brings out the unique flavor of our coffee, and we think it’s the best. However, if you would like to have a different type of roasting, it’s also possible. Just choose whatever roasting you like & let us know. We produce all our coffee in the philippines: After collecting the coffee, we process it in our producing facility in Mindanao, Philippines. We also ship directly from there, to avoid long storage times in different countries all over the world. Therefore the Express shipping might take up to 6 business days to arrive and the normal shipping up to 14 business days. We offer free shipping standard shipping for all orders with a value of more than $50. If you want Express shipping, it’s possible to ship your order via EMS for $50 flat rate.

Our coffee has a shelf-life of one year, but we recommend to drink it within 8 months after roasting. After about 8 months, the quality starts to drop and the coffee won’t be as oily and therefore flavorful as in the beginning.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. You may write an E-Mail to support@kopiluwakdirect.com or call us under the US number +1 503 616 3155

We from KopiLuwakDirect.com highly value each of our customers. Our mission is to make the best possible coffee available for everybody & surpass the expected quality by delivering the best and freshest product possible.

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