Store Coffee Beans- High quality Coffee

High quality Coffee is not cheap. Do yourself the favor to keep the flavor of your Coffee with correct storing.

Store it far away from the five enemies of coffee: Heat, humidity, dioxygen, aromas and light.

If you want to store coffee, do it with whole coffee beans. Ground them, only a short time before you want to use them.
Coffee beans contain more than a thousand tiny aroma packages. Grind your coffee just before you use it, because the coffee beans lose quality when they are in contact with air- especially ground coffee, that’s why it is good to store it vacuumed.

But don’t store them vacuumed immediately after roasting. After the roasting process Coffee beans emit gases for a couple of days. If you store them vacuumed at this time, the package might explode.

The best way to store the Coffee beans is to put them into a intrasparent box with a rubber seal. It’s also recommended to store the Coffee beans in a paper bag, of which you first remove the air, wrap it with an elastic strap and then put it into the box, or better- in a vacuumed package.
Don’t store your coffee in the fridge. If you take the coffee beans always out, it will decrease the quality of your coffee, because changing temperatures are bad for the Coffee beans. In addition they absorb aromas of other groceries inside- and who wants a cup of Coffee tasting like meat?
It is recommended to only buy the coffee for a week. If you have more than this amount of coffee, it would be best to put it into the freezer or store it vacuumed.

Usually Coffee has a high quality for about 2-3 weeks, if it is stored within room temperature.

If the roasted beans are stored in vacuum packages, the characteristics of the coffee are preserved for many months.

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